Health Tourism in Turkey
Turkey has become a country that has proven itself in the last 10 years, especially health tourism. Only in 2018 more than 800,000 thousand people have opted to Turkey for treatment.
The Role of Istanbul in Health Tourism
With modern hospitals and qualified staff as well as successful treatments, Istanbul is now becoming famous all over the world.
City of Istanbul
The historical city of Istanbul, which is part of the UNESCO world model, offers its guests a unique experience with its historical sites and modern face.


Turkey has become a country that has established itself especially over the past 10 years, in the field of health tourism. Both modern hospitals and skilled personnel, as well as successful treatment of the world, are now talking about themselves. The particularly stable health policy pursued by the Republic of Turkey has increased over the years the quality of service inspections. As a result of this success of Turkey, the number of tourists visiting the country to receive treatment in the last decade has increased tenfold. Medical tourism, especially Thermal Wellness Tourism and Spa-Wellness and Elderly and Disabled Tourism, have become very important services.

Turkey ranks 3rd in global medical tourism.located only 4 hours by flying that it could easily reach by 1.5 billion people .more than 4 healthcare institutions in Turkey have a JCI certificate.takes the rank in the first 3rd list of accredited institutions in the world. medical services in Turkey are on average 60% cheaper than in other countries. Being one of the 6 countries that attracts the largest number of tourists, on average about 4 million people visit Turkey per year and waiting period are much shorter .
Your treatment is provided in JCI accredited hospitals equipped with the latest technology.
Treatment is offered at much more affordable charges than other developed countries and the treatment plan is implemented in such a way that the patient's time is used most effectively.
Patients' right in Turkey stated within "the Constitution" and "Medical Deontology Regulation".
Turkey, in 2019, welcomed nearly 1 million patients in health tourism. Within the Ministry of Health, you can get help in English, German, Russian, Arabic and Turkish languages  24/7 in emergency situations. In case of a complaint, you can directly get help from line 184. 2 million patients in 2023, which aims to host Turkey, many new hospitals with trained doctors and stronger laws continue to self-improvement.


JCI in global & Turkey
Turkey has made remarkable progress in the health sector last 1 years and it has become one of the important countries in the world.
Patients' rights
Patients' right in Turkey stated within "the Constitution" and "Medical Deontology Regulation".
Hospitals & doctors
Turkey, especially over the past 1 years has proven itself in the field of medical tourism. Through to modern hospitals and qualified manpower, as well as successful treatment has established itself worldwide..
Hospitality is a cornerstone of Turkish culture, and Turkish people believe that visitors should be treated as Guests sent by God.


Over the past 10 years, the number of tourists visiting Turkey to receive treatment has increased tenfold. “Medical tourism”, especially “Thermal health tourism and Spa-Wellness” and “Elderly tourism and tourism for the disabled”, have become very important services. Istanbul has become the most prominent health point in this success. Many, especially in Turkey, Istanbul Hospital offers modern and international medical standards, compatible devices and services over the years for people from different countries, with experienced staff. In this sense, we can say that Turkey, especially the last 10 years, has been very successful.

In particular, the Republic of Turkey and hospital quality control has been and continues to be the very serious follower. In addition to quality, many treatments can be met more cheaply than in Europe about 60% in Turkey. Being cheaper prices compared to European prices should not worry because you are particularly labor costs in Turkey are lower than in Europe. This is reflected in prices as a competitive advantage. But the success of treatments has been proven with hundreds of thousands of patients to date. Accurate evaluation of the hospital, team and agency will be decisive for the most accurate treatment.


There is no doubt that the treatment is very important and the main purpose of this visit. But visiting a beautiful city can be an important reason for choice. If you visit Istanbul, you can see the historical places that are part of the UNESCO world model, taste the rich Turkish cuisine, shop in symbolic places such as the Grand Bazaar and get to know Turkish and Muslim culture. In addition to these beauties, Istanbul is home to the continents of Europe and Asia, and this is unique in the world. Such a beautiful city is now open to many famous serials and can be included in your travel plan. Istanbul is waiting for you with all its differences in order to provide a great experience besides your treatment.

If you visit Istanbul, you can see

the historical places that are part

of the UNESCO's world heritage

and taste the rich Turkish cuisine.